Thought Leadership

As the asset management industry continues to mature around the world, we are constantly looking at how sales, product and regulatory dynamics will shape the new landscape. In our thought leadership we aim to provide fresh and innovative perspectives on how our clients will need to navigate this ever-evolving opportunity.

23 April 2024
Finding flows in shifting sides – opportunities after a decade of change
23 January 2024
The Tipping Point – The Case for Inorganic Growth as a Permanent Fixture in Asset Managers’ Strategic Toolkits
31 October 2023
Return of the living dead, Part II
5 September 2023
Value for Money : L’assurance vie à l’heure de la désinflation compétitive
15 May 2023
The “great bifurcation”: how sustainability is reshaping the efficient frontier of private equity investing
3 April 2023
Cover your bases or swing for the fences? The case for active ETFS
28 February 2023
European Sub-advisory: a land of (false) promises?
12 December 2022
Thematic funds: is success here to stay?
31 October 2022
Return of the living dead
29 July 2022
MiFID II and sustainability: ready for the August 2nd big bang?
1 March 2022
The Future is Now
14 February 2022
Retail Alts: Ready for prime time