Private Equity

We are dedicated to sustainable value creation and superior performance for our clients.

Operating across Europe, we specialize in serving financial investors and family-owned businesses in their investment and growth strategies. We thrive on complex challenges that require expertise and innovative thinking. Our mission is to be the trusted partner for business leaders, helping them optimize value creation throughout their investment cycle.


Our Convictions

We believe in creating sustainable value by combining strategic and sustainability advice to ensure long-term success for our clients. We design unique growth strategies and evaluate investment opportunities to facilitate informed decisions and generate resilient value.

What we Bring

What we Bring to our Clients

Highly reputable private equity expertise and investor support: Our unparalleled expertise allows us to adapt our assignments to highly constrained transaction processes while providing valuable tailor-made insights and guidance along the way.

Honesty: Our recommendations are consistently based on factual evidence and supported by rigorous analysis. We believe in providing transparent and reliable advice to our clients. We foster an entrepreneurial mindset in our client engagements, encouraging open exchanges to provide customized advice that meets specific needs.

Embedded sustainability: We provide unique sustainability and ESG expertise for private markets, with seamless integration into our strategic assignments. We design differentiated methodologies that bring value to our clients by ensuring sustainable value creation.

A recognized brand: Over the years, the Indefi brand has successfully built trust among the private equity community and their portfolio companies. Our reputation is a testament of our commitment to providing high-quality services.

Pragmatism: We continuously adapt and innovate, tailoring our approach to the unique requirements of our clients. Our pragmatic approach ensures practical and effective solutions.

Digital expertise: We have designed a unique alliance with the digital transformation consultancy Singulier in order to enrich our recommendation with a digital / tech perspective to help our clients improve their investment strategies accordingly.


We help companies achieve sustainable value creation via a range of services, including:

Strategic planning

Market entry strategies

Diversification strategies

Sustainability strategies

External growth strategies

We also provide comprehensive support to investors throughout their investment cycles, offering a comprehensive set of services:

Strategic due diligence (buy-side and sell-side)

Value creation plans (post-acquisition) including strategic, sustainability and digital dimensions

Assessment of portfolio performance in terms of sustainability and digital maturity

Screening of acquisition targets

With our expertise and tailored solutions, we empower companies and investors to drive sustainable growth and maximize value.

Our Industries

We are dedicated to offering extensive experience across various industries, including:

The aerospace and defense industry is undergoing far-reaching changes. Reeling from the Covid crisis, they must reinvent themselves to face the challenges of production ramp-up and future planning. Growing security challenges, both domestic and international, are fuelling a need for cutting-edge and high-tech equipment and service providers.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • OEM, Systems, and parts manufacturers (air, land, and sea)
  • Equipment distribution
  • Detection systems, equipment, and operators
  • MCO and services to aircraft

The wealth and asset management industry is facing a challenging market environment, cost pressures and increasing regulation, leading them to review their positioning, adapt their business model and growth strategy, and explore new opportunities. Indefi has developed unique expertise in the asset and wealth sector, with a global perspective and knowledge of national markets. Our approach is based on both industry and proprietary data, alongside convictions fueled by targeted expertise, primary research, and immersion in the asset and wealth management ecosystem.

We actively support these players in their organic and inorganic growth:

  • Asset managers
  • IFAs and wealth managers
  • Private asset managers
  • Distributors

B2B Services are a rapidly growing industry, often resilient to economic cycles, and facing the digital revolution that holds both value creation opportunities and disruption risks going forward. We meet these challenges with our expertise across many industry sectors, together with our technology and digital edge to analyze investment opportunities.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Testing Inspection Control
  • Construction-related services
  • Digital agencies
  • IT services
  • HR-related services
  • Outsourcing and BPO

Construction is facing a threefold challenge: the growing search for healthier living, need to play its role in the fight against climate change (energy transition issues), and considerable cost inflation. We leverage our thorough understanding of this industry and its inherent cyclicity to help market players navigate this complex industry, in both residential and non-residential sectors.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Maintenance and renovation services
  • HVAC services
  • Electrical engineering
  • Building materials

The need for quality private education is rapidly growing across all levels, from primary to college and vocational education. In the wake of the Covid crisis and the digital revolution, demands for new formats and contents have risen forcing players to reinvent themselves and opening opportunities for new entrants.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Higher education
  • Work-study programs
  • Vocational training
  • Health education

Healthcare is facing considerable challenges: the soaring need for quality care driven by an aging population, ever-decreasing resources in the face of mounting public debt and the demand for healthier lifestyle constantly requiring healthier foods and supplements.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Healthcare services
  • MedTech
  • Digital heath and healthcare software
  • Consumer health
  • Pharma services
  • Health supplements
  • Sports supplements

As technology and digital capabilities are becoming the cornerstone of companies’ performance and value creation opportunities, strategic recommendations on investment opportunities must increasingly be based on an in-depth understanding of operational skills, maturity, and associated digital/tech KPIs. Our technology and digital practice is based on such principles and we operate uniquely via a differentiated joint venture with the digital transformation consultancy Singulier, which brings to the table unparalleled expertise in digital media, UX, CRM, IT, and data.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Technology services
  • E-commerce
  • B2B Software
  • Media

The transport and logistics industries are growing steadily, driven by new, easier mobility, the e-commerce explosion, soaring international trade, emerging new technologies and disruptive new players. At the same time, they must adapt to more restrictive carbon footprint objectives and address urban congestion and noise. We approach these challenges holistically, via a three-pronged approach: strategy, ESG and digital.

We are particularly active in the following segments:

  • Logistics (including the last mile segment)
  • Land and air shipping
  • Automotive and off-road vehicles
  • Equipment and service providers
  • Transport infrastructure operators

With our specialized knowledge and experience in these industries, we are well-positioned to provide valuable insights and strategic guidance to our clients, helping them navigate the complexities and seize opportunities for growth and success.

Our Team

The Private Equity Advisory team is led by experienced partners that combine long-standing strategy consulting experience with entrepreneurial and / or C-Level corporate responsibilities. Our consultants have unparalleled experience in designing external growth strategies and supporting private equity transactions.


Joining Us

Come explore opportunities to work at Indefi.

We want bright and entrepreneurial individuals, with a global outlook, ready to challenge themselves and operate outside of their comfort zone. Our Group culture is characterized by a relentless quest for perfection in everything we do. We follow an apprenticeship model where junior team members work closely with senior partners to grow their professional skillset, visibility and personal brand value.

Deals & News

Deals & News

14 February 2024
Indefi concluded the strategic and ESG due diligence of Imdev on behalf of CAPZA and Bpifrance Investissement
31 January 2024
First edition of Sustainability Talks by Indefi and Amala Partners with Françoise Raoul-Duval, CEO of DIAM Group
23 January 2024
Indefi on stage at IPEM Cannes 2024: LPs and GPs workshops, Portfolio Transformation Summit, Venture Party and Healthcare Summit
14 February 2024
Indefi concluded the strategic and ESG due diligence of Imdev on behalf of CAPZA and Bpifrance Investissement
31 January 2024
First edition of Sustainability Talks by Indefi and Amala Partners with Françoise Raoul-Duval, CEO of DIAM Group

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